Robert Gharibzadeh

Robert Gharibzadeh

Robert Gharibzadeh

“Horses are not made to carry riders around but if we give them time and the proper work to grow a strong and healthy body, they will do everything for us.”

Riding as an Art and not as an Martial Art

German native Robert Gharibzadeh is a riding instructor and horse management expert certified by the German Equestrian Federation (FN).

In addition he is a show jumping and dressage judge and gives clinics in Canada and the United States throughout the year.

As an international Level 3 trainer he has trained horses and riders up to the highest levels.

Robert has dedicated his life to the horses and the sport, always eager to find the easiest way and keep learning with every ride. Being an expert for biomechanics gives him the ability to create the right program for each horse.

He likes to work with other professionals as Jill Henselwood (CAN) or Shannon Lilley (USA) to maximize their horses performance.

You can only build on a strong foundation, which is a big part of his training program.

Clinic Overview

Friday we will go through a proper warm up.  Improving canter and transitions with ground rails, cavalettis and x-­‐rails.

Saturday will be for gymnastics and lines.

Sunday’s session will be jumping a course.

Ride with Robert - Applications Closed

Riders have been notified by email prior to April 9, 2023

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