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Welcome to Breeders Alley at Horse Expo Canada!

At Horse Expo Canada, Breeders Alley stands as a unique and exciting showcase, bringing together exceptional stallions and passionate breeders. Explore the world of equine excellence as we present Breeders Alley – a prime opportunity for breeders and enthusiasts to connect, learn, and celebrate the beauty of these magnificent animals.

Discover Breeders Alley

Immerse yourself in the world of equine excellence at Horse Expo Canada’s Breeders Alley. Engage with experienced breeders, exploring the importance of genetics in horse breeding. Connect directly with experts, ask questions, and build relationships while gaining insights into the intricate science of equine genetics.

Unlock Your Equine Journey

Breeders Alley isn’t just an exhibit – it’s a space to discuss your future horse needs. Whether you’re a seasoned owner or an enthusiast dreaming of a horse companion, Breeders Alley provides the platform to explore suitable bloodlines, understand breeding programs, and discover the perfect match for your equestrian aspirations. Join us and experience the passion and knowledge that Breeders Alley brings to the heart of Horse Expo Canada.

Horses in the stable

For Stallion Exhibitors:

Participate in Breeders Alley at Horse Expo Canada to showcase your stallion’s excellence to a targeted audience of enthusiasts and industry professionals. Enjoy exposure through event promotions, networking opportunities, and recognition as a contributor to the promotion of equine excellence. Register now to secure your spot and be part of this extraordinary equine showcase.


Breeders Alley is a dedicated section within Horse Expo Canada where breeders showcase their stallions. It’s an exclusive platform to exhibit the diversity of breeds, bloodlines, and exceptional qualities each stallion brings.

Breeders Alley is open to breeders of all equine breeds who want to showcase their stallions. We encourage diversity in the equine industry.

Exhibitors can choose between two options:

  • Option 1: A trade show space to present their breeding program.
  • Option 2: A trade show space with 1 or 2 attached stalls for presenting their stallions.

Participation in Stallion Alley offers exposure through event promotions, networking opportunities with industry professionals and enthusiasts, and recognition as a contributor to the promotion of equine excellence.

To register your stallion, complete our online registration form right below this. Secure your spot and be part of this extraordinary equine showcase.

Horse stalls will be 10′ box stalls.  Free-standing, and not closer than 10′ from each other.  Stalls will have rubber matted floors.  Shavings will be provided as close to the building as possible, as will manure bins.  There will be a back walk-way for horse access to the stall.

For exhibitors, yes.

  • Option 1 – no stall – only trade show space $1,450
  • Option 2a – trade show space + 1 stall – $1,550
  • Option 2b – trade show space + 2 stalls – $1,650
  • Non-Profit Option 1 – no stall – only trade show space $815
  • Non-Profit Option 2a – trade show space + 1 stall – $915
  • Non-Profit Option 2b – trade show space + 2 stalls – $1,015

Non-Profit organizations must provide supporting documentation

Breeders Alley exhibitors choosing Option 2 will be provided with designated stalls to present their horses. Shavings will be available for use in the stalls. Additional details regarding amenities and setup will be communicated upon successful registration.

Absolutely! Breeders Alley is an ideal platform to promote your breeding services, connect with clients, and showcase your program’s unique qualities.

Breeders Alley will be promoted through various channels, including event marketing materials, social media, and our website. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to be featured in promotional content.

For any additional information or specific inquiries, feel free to contact our team through the contact us page. We’re here to assist you!

Be Part of Breeders Alley at Horse Expo 2025!

2025 Breeders Alley Application

April 25-27, 2025 – Red Deer, AB

All information entered on this page will remain confidential and private except where noted in the section “Company Public Information”.

All Fields in bold are required.

A credit card is required to complete this form.

**** NOTE **** this form works best using chrome or firefox web browsers


After you complete your form you will receive a confirmation email.  If you don’t receive that email, please contact us to confirm we received your application!

    Contact Person regarding this application.

    Company Information

    Company Public Information

    Social Media links:(Please visit your social media pages and copy/paste the URLs below)

    Your products and services

    Your Booth

    IMPORTANT: Booth selection policy for Horse Expo 2025

    Booths will be assigned as horse expo deems fit. Please fill out the Feedback & Notes section below if you need to make anything known to use regarding your Horses and placement of them. We will do our best to accommodate any requests in the feedback and notes section below.

    Your Booth:

    • NOTE: Your horse can only be in the trade show building during trade show hours.

    • includes overnight stalls where applicable (already included in the price). If you intend to haul-in each day, please let us know so we don't book you a stall.

    • includes bulk shavings. We will do our best to get the shavings close to Breeders alley.

    • includes 8' tall back drape & side drape where applicable.

    • includes power. 750 watts of power, which is 1/2 of a normal house outlet. This is typically enough for most booths, however if you need extra power, or specific places the power needs to be, that must be arranged with the show decorator, Goodkey.

    • does not include tables, chairs, carpet, decorations, or any other fixtures or items. The show decorator, Goodkey, is who you will book these items with directly. An email will be sent closer to the show with Goodkey's contact information and decorator package.

    • must be staffed by at least 1 person during all expo open hours.

    • must be fully operational (shoppable) until the show end on Sunday April 27, 2025. Exhibitors found dismantling packing up, or closing shop in any way prior to the end of the show may lose their opportunity to rebook for the next expo.

    • location will be assigned by Horse Expo Canada at our discretion. If the floor plan changes, returning exhibitors who have chosen their same location will be placed as close to the original position as possible.

    • must be constructed within your purchased footprint due to fire regulations. Booths not compliant with this will be asked to correct the problem. If the problem is not resolved in a timely fashion, a fine will be issued in writing and delivered to the booth operator.

    • must not have loud or disruptive machinery or equipment, including loud music played within your booth space.

    Marketing Opportunities

    Notes & Feedback

    Leave us feedback or notes below. Anything from the show in general to your booth details. Please indicate your horse breed and sex (if applicable).

    Important Terms & Conditions

    • A credit card must be kept on file. It will be the card used to complete this form (below).

    • Upon submission of this form a $100 (pre-auth) deposit will be required. We may or may not capture these funds. If we do not capture them, they will be released after 7 days.

    • Chargebacks or returned cheques will be subject to a $75 administration fee per instance.


    Exhibitors are required to carry general liability insurance in the amount of at least $2,000,000. Horse Expo Canada must be named as Additional Insured with the following Information:

    Event Organizer (mandatory):
    0918199 BC Ltd DBA Horse Expo Canada
    9610 Armstrong Rd
    Chilliwack, BC V2P 6H4

    Event Venue (optional):
    Horse Expo Canada – Westerner Park
    4847A 19 Street
    Red Deer, Alberta

    Cancelation & Refund Policy

    There are 2 options if written cancelation is received by Horse Expo Canada on or before Dec 31, 2024.

    1. Booth payment can be moved to Horse Expo 2026, less a $150 administration fee; OR

    2. A refund can be given less an administration fee of 10% of the booth cost or $200 (whichever is greater).

    After December 31st, 2024 no refunds will be available.

    Booth Layout and operation

    Option 2 Booths includes 1 or 2 10’ box stall(s) with 1 door facing the back aisle, 1 door side facing a 10'x10’ selling space, and 1 door facing the selling aisle, 8-foot-tall back and side drape (where applicable), 750 watts of power, a listing in the Horse Expo Program, and on HorseExpo.ca. Carpets, tables, chairs, decorations, and other fixtures are not included in the booth price. Booth services can be arranged through Goodkey (information will be included with your welcome package). Booths must be staffed during all show hours by at least 1 person.

    There cannot be anyone in the stall with the animal except the owner(s) at any time, with the exception of veterinary or other emergency personnel. The stall doors should not be opened any more than necessary during show hours. If needed the owner can remove the animal at any time using the back aisle to exit the building.

    Exhibitor Passes

    3 exhibitor passes (wrist bands) are included with your Breeders Alley booth. Extra exhibitor passes are available for purchase upon check in. Exhibitors must wear their wrist band (on their wrist) at all times during the show

    Subletting / Booth Sharing

    Subletting or sharing of booths is not allowed for a number of reasons. In certain cases, a booth may be split so 2 companies can occupy the space next to one-another. (contact Horse Expo to discuss)

    Exhibitor Acceptance

    Horse Expo Canada reserves the right to refuse or reject any Exhibitor Booth Application for any reason, whether stated publicly, privately or not at all.


    Uniformed security personnel will be on duty in the exhibit halls during event hours and will be circulating in the trade show buildings when buildings are closed to the public. If you should experience a security issue, contact our staff in the Information Booth or a security officer in your building. You are fully responsible for the security of your possessions and are advised to keep a careful watch over them—especially during move in and move out, as the doors will be open and many people will be coming and going. Neither Horse Expo Canada nor the event facility assumes any responsibility for your property or consigned property before, during, or after Horse Expo Canada.

    Dogs / Pets

    Dogs, cats, and other animals are not permitted in Westerner Park at any time, except for Registered Service Animals

    Exhibitor Occupancy

    You must check in with the show office before setting up your booth. Check in will end Thursday April 24, 2025 6:00pm. In the event an exhibitor is unable to check in before the end of the check in time, and you have not let us know you are still attending, Horse Expo Canada shall have the right to utilize your contracted space in any manner we choose. This will in no way release the contracted exhibitor and if there is any balance owing to Horse Expo Canada it will still be due and payable in full.


    The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Horse Expo Canada, also referred to as management, principles, agents, officers, employees, and volunteers from all claims, losses, costs, damages, or expenses resulting or arising from any and all injuries to or death of any person or damage to any property caused by an act, omission or neglect of Exhibitor’s agents, employees, invitees, contractors, or guests which occur in or about the Exhibit Space. Exhibitor agrees to use and occupy the Exhibit Space at Exhibitor’s own risk, and hereby releases Horse Expo Canada, its agents, officers, employees, and guests from all claims for any damage, loss or injury to persons or property to the full extent permitted by law occurring in or about the Exhibit Space, including, but not limited to damages, resulting from the acts of other Exhibitors, theft, vandalism, fire, and other casualty damage or damage arising from any defects in the premises.

    If a provision of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, unenforceable, or invalid in any jurisdiction, it shall not affect (1) the enforceability or validity in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement, or (2) the enforceability or validity in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Agreement.

    By confirming your payment, you allow Horse Expo Canada to charge your card for this payment and future payments in accordance with their terms as outlined above.

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