Lorie Duff

Lorie Duff

Lorie Duff

2023 Trainers Showdown Judge & Clinician
Lorie Duff

Lorie was born and raised on a scenic dairy farm overlooking the ocean in Topsail, Newfoundland. Lorie credits her parents for “the simple family farm life” to how she developed her Philosophy of Horsemanship. Lorie now resides just outside the Ottawa area, in a rural country setting, home of Liberty Lane Farm, a private training facility.

Lorie’s philosophy of horsemanship is based on communication, trust & respect which helps establish a safe and solid inter-disciplinary platform. The philosophy supports and enhances the continued mutual learning of humans and horses that work together. These successes from teaching her program, have taken her throughout North America, Europe & Asia. One of Lorie’s greatest achievements was to be the “First Ever Western Performer” invited to the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies for 2 consecutive years (2016 and 2017) to showcase the western discipline and to demonstrate her horsemanship Philosophies.

Lorie is in the process of writing an autobiography, “How I Got There, the Journey of a Horsewoman”. This started her love and passion to become a freelance journalist and opening her up to creating the “Cowgirl Channel of Canada, The Way of the Canadian Cowgirl” YouTube Channel, based show featuring cowgirls from all across Canada, from women in the farm and ranching industry to women in arts and entertainment.

“I am always searching for an understanding, always trying to find a ‘better way’. The training I have obtained over the years helped me develop and create my own philosophy for how I want to work with horses. Communication, trust and respect are key for success. The countless hours I’ve spent improving my horsemanship, combined with having an open minded approach to training and teaching, has given me an insight into how horses think, and how the human learns.” Lorie travels across Canada, USA and into Europe and continues to consistency learn from the greatest teacher she has always had, THE HORSE.

Lorie’s clinic will take place over all 3 days of Horse Expo 2023

Friday Clinic – “We Need Space”
Fostering a healthy dynamic with our equine companions by establishing boundaries and encouraging mutual understanding. By cultivating a shared sense of curiosity and openness, we aim to build a foundation of trust and respect in our interactions.

Saturday Clinic – “Are you with me?”
Establishing a strong mental connection with your horse, can lead to lasting improvements in your partnership

Sunday Clinic – “Lets connect & ride together”
By resetting your connection and approaching your ride with a fresh mindset, you and your horse can benefit from a renewed perspective.

Apply to ride with Lorie - $175 (3 sessions included)

    Can be texted

    Rider Level of Experience

    Do you need a stall for the day ($65/day)? Overnight stalls will be billed as a weekend stall ($125/weekend).

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