Jason Irwin

Jason Irwin Returns to compete in the Trainers Showdown 2023

Jason Irwin Returns to compete in the Trainers Showdown 2023

Jason Irwin is a self taught horse trainer based out of Ontario, Canada. He and his wife Bronwyn operate Jason and Bronwyn Irwin Horsemanship. Together they teach clinics, put on training demonstrations, and present at horse events throughout North America. Jason’s training ranges from starting colts to fixing problem horses to training liberty horses for performance and film work and about everything in between. Jason and Bronwyn host the TV show ‘The Horse Trainers’ on The Cowboy Channel Canada and RFD-TV Canada.
Jason Irwin loads a horse in a trailer

Horse Won’t load?

This clinic shows how to teach the proper groundwork that will make trailer loading easier and safer!  Spend an hour with Jason each days of Horse Expo 23 learning these techniques.

Jason will work with a different horse each day that doesn’t like loading, or a green horse that doesn’t have much loading experience.

If you think this sounds like your horse, please apply for this clinic.

Bronwyn Irwin

Spring Tune-Up Clinic

Dust off the cobwebs and get your horse tuned up for the new year.  Set yourself up for success in 2023.

Friday & Saturday, learn from the power couple in the equine industry!  Discover how to tune your horse up after being off for the long, cold winter!

Jason Irwin

Ride with Jason - Applications Closed

Riders have been notified by email prior to April 9, 2023

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