Jason Irwin

Jason Irwin

Jason Irwin

Jason Irwin is a self-taught trainer who started his first colt when he was twelve.  Over the years he has put the foundation training on hundreds of young horses.  Jason has been the trainer at the family business Northstar Livestock Quarter Horses, which is based out of Port Elgin, Ontario, for the last 20 years. Jason starts Colts works with problem horses, adds finishing training to older horses, competes in Colt starting competition and trains Liberty horses. Jason has started Colts and given training demonstrations at some of the largest horse expos in the world, both in Canada and the United States.

Horses started in trained by Jason have gone to excel in everything from barrel racing to ranch work to fox hunting to performing in drill teams and just about everything in between.  His aim is to put a solid foundation on a horse so that it can go on to excel in any discipline.

Jason, along with his wife Bronwyn teach twenty plus clinics a year.  Jason presents information in a practical and easy to understand format.  Participants in Jason's clinics ranged from beginners to experienced trainers.

Jason also writes training articles for Horse Canada magazine.

Jason Irwin is one of the trainers in our Trainers Showdown.

Jason is also putting on 3 different clinics:

  • Future Trainers of Canada
    • For Youth Riders between 12 – 19 years old.
    • This clinic is for youth riders of all different backgrounds and at all different levels.  It focuses on teaching kids to train their own horses.  Time will also be spent fixing problems that the riders are having with their horses
  • Help – I Can’t Stop My Horse
    • This clinic focuses on working with horses that have poor brakes.  It covers how to put a stop on a horse and how to fix underlying issues that may be causing a horse to not want to stop.
  • Sweet & Sour
    • This is a problem solving clinic.  It covers how to fix horses that are barn sour, herd sour, buddy sour, etc.  It also covers how to fix lots of other common problems that people have with their horses.

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