Glenn Stewart

Glenn Stewart

Glenn Stewart

Glenn Stewart

Glenn’s work with and knowledge of horses is diverse. Glenn Stewart has been working with horses and their owners for over 30 years teaching thousands of students his Horse Development Program.

He travels extensively each year delivering horsemanship clinics across Canada, the
United States, South America and Europe. Glenn holds camps at his home in Fort St.
John, The Horse Ranch. For 19 consecutive years, he leads his Learning Holiday
Adventure High & Wild in the Northeastern Rocky Mountains – a remote location 100 miles from the nearest roads. Glenn was in charge of the horse program and developing 200+ herd of wild horses. This included: the breeding program, seasonal round-up, the taming/gentling, foot breaking, trimming, overall maintenance of the herd.

When you play with your horse what are you trying to create? What are you working towards? The horse or horses we have at the moment do not need to stay the way they are unless we like the behaviors they have. They can always become more and improve with the right kind of help.
-Glenn Stewart

Some of Glenn’s Awards include:

  • Champion, 2021 Heart of the Horse Colt Starting Competition, Alberta Canada
  • 2019 Heart of the Horse Colt Starting Competition, Alberta Canada
  • 2015 Mane Event Colt Starting Champion, British Columbia Canada
  • 2012 Canadian Representative Road to the Horse, Tennessee
  • 2010 Champion Cowboy Up Challenge, Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada
  • Nominated for Western Horseman of the Year

Glenn will be teaching Horsemanship

7 Patterns on line and Liberty – Practical exercises to improve your connection on the ground.  Tying ground work to riding.  Skills every horse owner will benefit from.

7 Elements Freestyle and Finesse – Practical skills in the saddle every rider and horse should know.  Connecting the ground work to riding.  The 7 areas we need to understand to develop our horses.

Save time call 9-1-1 – A check list and score sheet to see where our skill and understanding of horses is at.  Find out if calling 911 is more or less likely.

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