Bronwyn Irwin

Bronwyn Irwin

Bronwyn Irwin

Pole Bending Clinic
Learn how to put a solid pole bending pattern on your horse for fast and consistent runs. Also learn how to solve common pole bending problems.

Bronwyn Hart-Irwin is a horse trainer, clinician and rodeo competitor. Bronwyn and Jason Irwin have a television show called ‘The Horse Trainers’ on the Cowboy Channel Canada and RFD-TV Canada. Bronwyn teaches a variety of topics from pole bending to liberty. Bronwyn also trains horses for tv and commercial productions. 

Bronwyn grew up on Otty Lake, Outside of Perth ON. Bronwyn, her parents and her sisters were very much involved in hockey. All three sisters are in scholarships to Elmira college in New York to pursue their Hockey careers. Bronwyn started horseback riding lessons at Millarbrook Farm at a young age. She fell in love with the English world of jumping. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she accomplished a lot of success as a young rider under the guidance of very knowledgeable coaches in the jumper, dressage, and Hunter events. She was also a member of the Canadian Pony Club.

Bronwyn got her first paycheck as a radiation therapist at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, and she purchased a thoroughbred mare. The pair focused on the western events of barrel racing and pole bending. Bronwyn started competing in the Rodeo Circuits in Ontario. She was looking for a back-up horse, and she purchased a prospect at Jasons ranch, Norstar livestock. Jason and Bronwyn met in 2010 and they went on their first date to the Royal Winter Fair. She has had great success in rodeo with her with her paint horse Chief and her quarter horse Kate as they qualified for the Ram Rodeo Finals and the prestigious Royal Winter Fair in pole bending. 

Bronwyn’s rodeo horses also perform with her at Liberty. Bronwyn coaches lessons and clinics on many equestrian topics. Her goal is to help people achieve confidence and success with their horses.

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