Trevor Mertes

Trevor Mertes

Equine Desensitization

“If you want a calm horse, stay calm. If you want a patient horse, be patient.” This is a quote from one of Trevor’s mentors, which he lives by everyday while working with horses. A good portion of Trevor’s life has been riding range for different ranches across western Canada and the US, where true cowboying still exists. More recently, he’s been competing in Extreme Cowboy Challenges where he applies his style of horsemanship and consistently places in the Green Horse and Pro Divisions. In November 2018 and 2019 he went down to compete in the EXCA world finals and placed in the top 20 there. His Extreme Cowboy reputation has been growing and has led him to provide a number of clinics specializing in and around Canada and the USA. In fact, Trevor is currently the leading Extreme Cowboy clinician in Canada, putting on around 25 plus specific extreme cowboy clinics a year (8 months of the year on the road for clinics ) as well as putting on and organizing Extreme Cowboy races at a number of different fairs and events across Western Canada.  He has also had the opportunity to compete in ‘Colt Starting Challenge USA’ in February 2020 in Denver, Colorado where he placed very well overall. He placed 6th in the world at the Extreme Cowboy World Finals 2022, in the pro division, on his stallion Drifter, putting him as the top ranked Canadian in the division. In 2023 EXCA Worlds, Trevor placed 4th in Super Pro, and 10th in pro while there on Drifter again.

Trevor has had the opportunity to work alongside good friends of Ray Hunt and the Dorrance brothers, and he continues to work with them as much as he can. Originally from British Columbia, where his ranching roots started, he now runs his company called “Horses That Work” out of Cochrane, Alberta. He is able to bring his down-to-earth approach to horsemanship in any discipline of riding through a variety of training programs and clinics. You can learn more about him and his training methods at HorsesThatWork.ca.

Clinic Details

Each clinic is 60 minutes

Building trust, confidence, communication, and an increased connection with your horse through working on horsemanship through obstacles. Not only will your horse get more desensitized to obstacles, but you’ll learn keep points in allowing it to be their idea in order to accomplish a mutual goal.

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