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Sherrylynn Johnson

Barrel Racing

As an USA native, Sherrylynn is an only child from small rural Hugo, Oklahoma. Neither parent had a horse background but with great advice decided to purchase a horse to keep involved in her upbringing..which proved to be a good move. She began her relationship with horses when she was eight years old only to win her first finalist title a year later.  Sherrylynn was active in school including first female president of the Future Farmers of America while holding positions as head majorette and first chair clarinet still maintaining grade honors throughout.  The same drive and sheer determination that allowed her to hold state and national championship titles continued as a first generation college student. Sherrylynn continued on the Intercollegiate championship stage while obtaining her degrees which shaped her future. With a double B.S. degree Sherrylynn would stay on to coach the college rodeo team to a Regional Championship while completing her Masters and Doctoral work.
Sherrylynn is married to 23 time National Finals Tie Down Qualifier Mike Johnson. They were married in Calgary, AB Canada and call Canada their second home with the Canadian National Finals on their resume.  A 50+ acre ranch in Henryetta, Oklahoma where Sherrylynn calls home is only occupied about one month a year in total. The road traveled is this duos life and the wouldn’t have it any other way. Professional rodeoing with  goals and tribulations to clinics where you are able to give back and see a smile of progress at all levels to finally sharing a platform know as “Vegas Tuffest Junior World Championship” where youth can aspire in the rodeo arena that some one day may reach that National Finals elite! 
Understanding personalities and styles individually with a keen eye to drive the inner self between rider and horse in a competitive setting called barrel racing never gets old….just better!  Sherrylynn personally  challenges herself to reach every team (horse/rider) and give them the tools to be better… no matter the level.
“You gotta have Heart to be a good barrel horse and the same would apply to riders.”
High School Champion(All/multi/events)
Intercollegiate Ozark Region Rodeo Champion(All/multi/events)
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Reserve Champion
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Champion
Double BS Degree, Masters,
4x National Finals Qualifier(1999,2000,2007,2010)
Calgary Stampede Qualifier(multi-time)
2000 Alberta Circuit Champion- Bronze
2000 PRCA Southeast Circuit Finals Qualifier
2007 Wrangler Pro Rodeo Tour Champion
2010 Canadian Finals Qualifier
2010 PRCA Columbia River Circuit Finals Qualifier
2010 All American PRCA Finals Champion
2011 PRCA Mountain States Circuit Finals Qualifier
2011-present 15-20 Clinics yearly held in 12 states and Canada
2016 PRCA Prairie Circuit Finals Qualifier
2017 Finale year for Sherrylynn Johnson Invitational Barrel Race
2018  hosts Worlds Tuffest Jr Championship-Cloverdale IN
2018-present hosts Vegas Tuffest Jr World Championship Las Vegas NV
2023 PRCA Barrel Racing Rodeo Championships (incl Grand Prairie, Rocky Mtn. House)
2023 Rodeo Kids.com podcast

Clinic & Presentation Details

Each clinic is 90 minutes

Friday: “Stir the Soup” – Ingredients to a Consistent Turn
Sherrylynn Johnson introduces the “Stir the Soup” method focusing on the key ingredients for achieving consistent turns in barrel racing. This session will cover effectively positioning, hands & seat.

Saturday: “Stir the Soup” – Ingredients to Leave a Turn Continuing with the “Stir the Soup” methodology, the focus shifts to the elements essential for leaving a turn effectively:
  • Timing and the role of “Thumbs Up” for precise cues.
  • The hand movement around (to the neck, the ear, and around) for optimal guidance.
  • Consistency
  • The importance of kicking forward out of the turn.
Sunday: “Stir the Soup” – Ingredients to Prepare for a Turn The final day’s session delves into the preparation for turns, highlighting:
  • The “Banana Start” approach.
  • Adjusting techniques based on arena size.
  • Emphasizing the natural rate of the horse.
  • The significance of recalling good runs for mental preparation.
Presentation – Details TBA

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