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Miles Kingdon


Miles Kingdon has spent a lifetime horseback, cowboying on, and running some of British Columbia’s largest cattle outfits; notably, The Gang Ranch, Empire Valley Ranch, and Quilchena Cattle Company to name a few. He is passionate about the old Californio style of horsemanship, which is riding from the hackamore to the Bridle, and has judged the Skills of The Rancho in California for some 8+ years. Miles learned from the school of hard knocks, emulating top hands he has had the privilege of riding with, and always looking for a better way to be with his horse and to handle livestock.

He now does workshops in BC, AB and SK, educating riders who not only want to improve their horsemanship and stockmanship, but also want to adapt to this Californio/Vaquero style of horsemanship, learning to work and handle livestock quietly, smoothly and with finesse. Miles offers the horse the freedom of choice, by releasing on the horse’s feet, a method that the horse understands explicitly. These methods are simple, yet subtle and when understood and smoothy executed, result in a harmonious dance with the horse.

Miles and his dedicated crew of riders have formed The Canadian Bridle Horse Assc. and put on the first ever “Skills of the Outfits~East of the Rockies in Stavely, AB Aug. 4-6, which offered a workshop, demos, a maker’s market and a 2 day competition showcasing the skills involved in riding to the bridled stockhorse…it was a huge success and the group will offer another expo, Skills of the Outfits~West of the Rockies at the Barriere Fall Fair, this Sept. 22-24. More information to be found on the CanadianBridleHorse.com.

Miles also offers 3 day camps at he and his wife, Possum’s Orange Valley Ranch, south of Merritt, BC, by invitation only. Lessons are available, weather permitting, around the Langley area during the winter. Miles easy way with the human and the horse ensures a comfortable space for anyone wishing to advance their horsemanship. He has authored 2 books and many are anxiously awaiting the third. For more informations, check out MilesKingdonHorsemanship.com.

Clinic & Presentation Details

Each clinic is 90 minutes

Friday – Miles will be doing “Hackamore” instruction….using a ‘lesson’ type format, working with each individual rider and explaining via mics what he is teaching, how the rider and horse are responding, and the results. The riders will also comment on what they are learning and feeling in regards to using the hackamore. Elisha will be asking pertinent questions …What Miles teaches (this very old traditional Californio style method, is based on the Spanish School of Equitation), is to introduce the signal-balanced ride, which the horse understands easily.

Saturday – Miles will be introducing the “Two-Rein” instruction, a progression from the Hackamore. Again, a lesson-style format, including explanations from Miles and the riders. Miles will introduce the balance of the spade bit while primary signals are coming from the hackamore, which is the natural progression of “Riding to the Bridled Stockhorse” using these California methods.

Sunday – Miles will be showing how to advance to a “Straight Up” bridled horse. Again, using a lesson-style format in which Miles and the riders will be giving explanations.

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