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Leslie Reid


Leslie Reid is a distinguished figure in the equestrian world, boasting a multifaceted background that spans across various disciplines within the sport. As a Pony Club A and Level 3 certified dressage coach, Leslie has demonstrated her commitment to excellence and education in equestrian coaching. Her achievements include being a Gold medalist as a USDF rider, highlighting her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport of dressage. In 2023, Leslie served as the coach for riders competing in the Pan American Trials, where her expertise helped Shelley Lawder and Erin Silo secure 7th and 9th places, respectively.

In 2022, Leslie co-created Team Strategy Pathways, an innovative organization dedicated to inspiring riders to pursue their dreams and work towards becoming part of a team. This initiative underscores her passion for nurturing talent and promoting the growth of equestrian sports.

Leslie’s illustrious competitive career is adorned with notable international results. She is a two-time winner of the Canadian league World Cup Final in 1996 and 2004, and secured a second-place finish in the B division at the 2005 Las Vegas World Cup. Her success continued at Dressage at Devon, where she clinched the Grand Prix and Freestyle titles in 2004. Leslie’s prowess extends to team competitions as well, having been a three-time member of the Pan American Team, where she earned one individual Gold and two team silver medals. She also represented her country as a three-time Olympic Team member, showcasing her skills on the world’s biggest stages.

Leslie’s journey in the equestrian world began on a farm in Richmond, British Columbia, where she was introduced to horseback riding by her parents, both of whom were horse enthusiasts. Throughout her career, Leslie has explored various disciplines, achieving success in western riding and show jumping, including three wins at Spruce Meadows. She began her illustrious dressage career in 1985 and further honed her skills in Germany from 1992 to 1996. In addition to her equestrian endeavors, Leslie is an alumna of the University of British Columbia, which adds to her well-rounded profile as both an athlete and an academic.

Leslie Reid’s biography reflects a lifetime of dedication, achievement, and contribution to the equestrian sport, making her an exemplary clinician for Horse Expo Canada. Her diverse experience and significant accomplishments serve as an inspiration to aspiring riders and a testament to the possibilities within the realm of equestrian sports.

Clinic & Presentation Details

Each clinic is 90 minutes

Friday – Embracing the Foundations: Relaxation and Rhythm, Suppleness for Horse and Rider
Join us on the first day of our clinic with Leslie Reid, where we will delve into the initial two stages of the classical training scale: Relaxation/Rhythm and Suppleness. This session is designed to establish a strong foundation for both horse and rider, focusing on exercises that foster a calm, rhythmic, and flexible partnership. Participants will learn techniques to enhance their horse’s relaxation and rhythm, crucial for all subsequent training levels, alongside methods to improve suppleness. This harmonious start is essential for developing a responsive and agile equine athlete, ready to progress through the training scale with ease.

Saturday – Building Progress: Contact and Impulsion
The second day of our clinic progresses to stages 3 and 4 of the training scale: Contact and Impulsion. Leslie Reid will guide participants through tailored exercises aimed at enhancing the connection between horse and rider, achieving a steady and soft contact. This segment is pivotal for establishing a clear line of communication through the reins, allowing for precise and nuanced guidance. Additionally, we will focus on cultivating impulsion, the controlled, forward energy generated from the hindquarters. This day is dedicated to refining these crucial components, ensuring each horse and rider pair develops the strength and harmony needed for advanced maneuvers.

Sunday – Achieving Excellence: Straightness and Collection
On the final day, we will explore the pinnacle stages 5 and 6 of the training scale: Straightness and Collection. Achieving straightness is key to unlocking a horse’s full potential, allowing for balanced and efficient movement. Leslie Reid will introduce exercises that correct asymmetries and enhance alignment, setting the stage for the ultimate goal of collection. This stage concentrates the horse’s energy, allowing for elevated movements and the introduction of advanced techniques such as flying changes and pirouettes. Sunday’s session promises to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to refine their horse’s athleticism, culminating in a display of grace and precision that embodies the art of dressage.


My Road to the Games: A Journey Through Pan American Games, Olympic Games, and World Cup Finals
In this compelling presentation, Leslie Reid shares her personal journey through three Pan American Games, three Olympic Games, and a World Cup Final. Attendees will be captivated by the stories of trials and tribulations, as well as the triumphs and successes that defined her path to becoming an international equestrian icon. Leslie will provide an intimate look into the dedication, challenges, and resilience required to compete at the highest levels of dressage, offering invaluable insights into the spirit of elite competition.

Choosing a Dressage Horse: Tailoring Selection to Rider Level
Selecting the right dressage horse is a critical decision that can shape an equestrian’s journey. Leslie Reid demystifies this process, offering guidance on choosing a dressage horse suited to each level of rider: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This presentation will detail the essential qualities to look for in each division, from temperament and physical attributes to potential for growth and compatibility with the rider’s skills and aspirations. Attendees will leave equipped with knowledge to make informed decisions in their quest for the perfect equine partner.

Training a Dressage Horse: Expectations and Development from Ages 4-12
Training a dressage horse is an art and science that evolves with the horse’s age. Leslie Reid will explore the developmental stages of dressage horses from ages 4 to 12, highlighting what trainers and riders can expect at each phase. This presentation emphasizes how a horse’s quality and character influence its training and development, offering strategies to optimize progress while nurturing the horse’s well-being and potential. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the milestones and challenges in training dressage horses, paving the way for successful partnerships.

Discussing Today’s Top Competition: Expectations, Judging, and Navigating the Path to Success
The landscape of contemporary dressage competition is complex, shaped by expectations of quality, performance standards, judging criteria, and the inevitable influence of politics. Leslie Reid navigates these topics, offering her insights into planning a competitive journey, whether aiming for success in the USA or Europe. This presentation will discuss strategies for achieving excellence in today’s competitive arena and how to approach the challenges and opportunities presented by the sport’s governance and cultural nuances. Additionally, Leslie will share her vision on encouraging riders to “Dream to the Team,” fostering ambition and camaraderie among aspiring equestrians.

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