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Kim Jungman

Working Equitation

Kim Jungman and her family live on a cattle farm in Duck Lake, Sk. She has been a coach for 15+ years focusing on English, western and therapeutic riding disciplines. Kim is passionate about helping to build a harmonious partnership between horse and rider and helping each rider individually improve their performance by understanding what is going on in both themselves and their horses and how that impacts what they are doing together. Kim is dedicated to always learning more as a coach and trainer. She is currently an Equestrian Canada Licensed Coach, Canadian Therapeutic Riding Intermediate Instructor, Saskatchewan Equestrian Vaulting Coach, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and a teacher in training with École de Légéreté. Kim has a classical dressage training background that she uses to teach and assist all disciplines and levels of riding.

Kim fell in love with Working Equitation and has been teaching WE since 2013. In 2016 she started organizing Working Equitation Canada (WECan) and has served as President and Saskatchewan Director of the organization for the last 6 years. Kim continues to be very active in both WECan and the sport of WE as a whole as a clinician/coach around Canada, and serves on many committees promoting and building the sport.

Clinic & Presentation Details

Each clinic is 90 minutes

Friday – Working Equitation Dressage – Creating Understanding to Build Harmony:

In this clinic, Kim will introduce the riders to key exercises to identify challenge areas in both the rider and horse as well as review some of the more difficult components of their level tests and how to improve scores in the dressage phase of Working Equitation.

Saturday – Working Equitation Ease of Handling – Foundational Exercises with the Obstacles to Build Success

Using the obstacles, the riders will apply the training concepts and corrections identified on day 1 to improve their horse’s balance and riders accuracy and aids through the obstacles. This will help riders to build a strong foundation of a balanced partnership and aid in increasing execution scores of the obstacles.

Sunday – Working Equitation Building the Ease of Handling and Speed Course
Riders will now apply the skills and balance developed in the first 2 days to an ease of handling course and review strategies to ride the course to their best advantages. Kim will review speed strategies with the riders. Get ready to have some fun as we have the riders compete in a mini speed course competition with a prize being offered for the winner!


Basics of Working Equitation – Kim Jungman will review the basic information on what the sport of working equitation is, what to expect in competitions and how to identify what level you should begin competing at.

WE – Riding with a partnership – Kim shares insights on how to identify the areas your horse struggles with balance and confidence and how to help them build success in these areas. We will also go into detail on things riders can do to identify their own challenges that may influence the horse and ways to work in better harmony.

WE – Cross training to build success – In this presentation Kim will focus on discussing strategies and skills to focus on cross training horse and rider between WE competitions to set you and your horse up for the most success and to progressively build that conditioning, confidence and skills to perform well.

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