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Jill Barron

Horsemanship with the Garrocha

Jill Barron is a coach, trainer, mentor, judge, competitor and most importantly, a horse lover. She grew up on her family’s cattle ranch east of Calgary and from a young age she could be found horseback. Horses were used for many jobs on the ranch and she quickly realized the importance of a well-trained horse. She has since spent decades devoting herself to being a student of the horse, gathering as much knowledge as she could. This started her lifelong journey into the study of horsemanship. Along with a passion for horses, Barron also has a love for education. Her Bachelor of Education Degree and spending five years in the classroom has helped hone her horse training and her coaching skills. She has since made the arena her classroom and travels the globe helping horses with their people.

Jill’s approach to horses is quiet, intuitive and methodical. She is a diverse equestrian. Her knowledge base covers colt starting to training rope horses to training high level dressage horses. Using a blend of classical techniques and natural horsemanship, she encourages a deeper connection between horse and rider. With a keen eye for detail, she is quick to notice the ‘little things’ that make a huge difference. Horsemanship basics, although seemingly simple, are crucial to building a balanced and effective partnership. Continuity in a horse’s education is key. Riders need to be consistent with communication from the beginning. Barron has developed easy to understand formulas for riders to implement. She strives to teach riders how to speak a language their horse understands and ensures the same principles and core elements are woven throughout the many disciplines she teaches.

Her expertise has won her global accolades, including being a clinician at The Horse Expo, the first female colt starter at Heart of the Horse 2021, the first Canadian Masters Working Equitation Champion 2022, Heart of the Horse colt starting judge 2022, 2021 USA Working Equitation Masters Reserve Champion and the 2019 Andalusian World Cup Champion. Jill is also the horsemanship coach for the Calgary Stampede Showriders, an elite, world-famous youth equestrian team that travels and represents the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

In her spare time, you can find her at competitions across North America. She takes pride in the time and process it takes to develop a confident, willing equine partner. She has an infatuation with the Lusitano horse and is excited for the future of her imported Lusitano stallion Jeronimo.
Jill Barron has etched her name in the horse industry. She has become a role model and an advocate of horsemanship and higher learning. Her passion for horses, education and life is infectious. Riding with Jill Barron is fun, supportive and motivating. She is a highly sought after clinician and coach. She lives and breathes horses, and this is apparent when you are around her. Her endeavor is to support and inspire equestrians around the World!

Clinic Details

Each clinic is 90 minutes

Friday – Introduction to Riding With a Garrocha
The art of using the Garrocha is useful for improving horsemanship skills as well as advancing our horse’s level of training. A Garrocha (Spanish for pole) is a wooden pole carried by the Domo Vaquera and used to handle wild cattle. Participants will get familiar with riding one handed and the aids needed. Through basic exercises we will work on how to introduce the Garrocha to the horses.

Saturday – Balanced Riding With the Garrocha
Riders will learn to stay soft, centered coordinated and light. Participants will feel fluidity in their movements, they will sit lighter and have an independent and balanced seat all while riding one handed!

Sunday – Dancing With the Garrocha
A true artform in itself, Dancing with the Garrocha, is amazing partnership between horse and rider. Participants will work on developing fit, supple, athletic, responsive horses all the while realizing there in an intimate relationship between confidence and balance.

What is a Garrocha?
A garrocha refers to a long pole used in the traditional Spanish equestrian practice known as “Doma Vaquera.” Jill Barron is known for her expertise in various equestrian disciplines, including Doma Vaquera, where the garrocha is traditionally used for managing cattle. It has also become a tool for demonstrating horsemanship skills in performances and competitions. Riders display their agility, control, and the harmony between horse and rider by performing intricate maneuvers with the garrocha, often while riding at various speeds. This discipline showcases the deep connection and mutual understanding required between the horse and the rider.

Jill will also be performing a demonstration on Sunday prior to the Trainers Showdown Finale!

Jill's Clinic Riders have been notified by March 29, 2024

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