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Alexander Grayton

Show Jumping

Alexander Grayton is a high performance rider and trainer at the world-renowned Spruce Meadows in Calgary.
He ran a very successful training and sales business in the Calgary area for more than 15 years, and since he began working at Spruce Meadows a few years ago, his wife has taken over operating the family business and continues to train ambitious riders and sell quality horses.
Alexander has competed at the highest level in show jumping, having won numerous Grand Prix events and travelled around the world competing internationally. He is known for his systematic, analytical, and compassionate approach to training, as he has had many success stories of producing young horses from the very beginning stages all the way through their international careers.
Alexander is a renowned clinician, and has a wealth of knowledge to share through his years competing, teaching, and learning from his own mentors along the way.

Clinic & Presentation Details

Each clinic is 90 minutes

Friday – The first session will encompass the fundamentals of show jumping, discussing and demonstrating some of the principles we include in daily training for horses regardless of their stage in education. We will talk about understanding how we interact with our horses and what we need to achieve to be successful with our horses, for equitation, hunters and show jumpers, and do some exercises that help to bring this into focus. 

Saturday – The second day will focus on gymnastic exercises for our horses. We will build on the principles covered on the first day, and apply them to the gymnastic exercises on day two. We will focus on rider position, the horse understanding the exercise to the best of their ability in order to maximize the benefit. We will utilize the gymnastic as a tool to address jumping technique and straightness, and build into a pattern of jumps to further the application. 

Sunday – The final day will be about course management – the culmination for the horses and riders understanding of the basic principles, isolating some skills in the gymnastic day, and now managing a competition setting to optimize performance in the show ring. 

Presentation – The goal is to talk about the sport of show jumping, and hopefully with some participation from the audience we can derive a system together that both achieves the sporting goals while improving our understanding of horses and how they think.

Alex's Clinic Riders have been notified by March 15, 2024

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